Psychoeducational Assessments

The purpose of a psychoeducational assessment is to help uncover the cause of school related difficulties such as poor school performance, age inappropriate restlessness when in class or whilst doing homework, poor attention, grade retention, school refusal and so forth.

Psychoeducational assessments aim to: 

  • Assess an individual’s level of intellectual and cognitive functioning (such as, general intelligence, language skills, memory, verbal and visual learning, attention and concentration, eye-hand coordination for pen and paper tasks, planning ability, etc.)
  • Assess the child or adolescent’s academic abilities (for instance, reading, spelling, writing, mathematics, etc.)
  • Assess the emotional functioning and resourcefulness of the child or adolescent
  • Assess if a child or adolescent’s school placement is appropriate considering their emotional and educational needs
  • To help identify and understand emotional and/or behavioural barriers which are impacting on the child or adolescent’s learning (such as, inattention or unresolved feelings)
  • Formulate appropriate treatment plans, referrals and recommendations for parents, other professionals as well as the child or adolescent’s school