What does the assessment process involve?

According to the needs of the child or adolescent, various approaches are adopted during the assessment process. Thus, the assessment process will vary slightly from person to person as well as according to the type of assessment requested.

However, the process will generally involve an initial intake session with the child or adolescent’s parent/s or caregivers. This session will be used to gain a clearly understanding of the child’s presenting difficulties, as well as to obtain a detailed developmental history.

In the case of a psychoeducational and/or school readiness assessment, the child or adolescent is assessed over two to three mornings using specific tests that measure intellectual, educational and emotional functioning. If an emotional assessment is requested, the child or adolescent is then seen for four sessions, which take place on a weekly basis.

This process then helps form a more holistic understanding of the child or adolescent and will also help inform possible treatment plans.

Once the assessment is completed the various tests are scored and Kirstan will write a detailed report outlining the aforementioned information.

Following this process the parent/s will be invited for a feedback session to discuss findings as well as recommendations.