Emotional Assessments

The purpose of an emotional assessment is to help uncover the root emotional causes of a child or adolescent’s difficulties such as poor school performance, age inappropriate behaviour, heightened levels of anxiety, poor social skills, etc.

Similarly, an emotional assessment can also assist parents, teachers and other health care professionals in understanding the impact of various emotional stresses or traumas (for instance, divorce, the death of a parent, etc.) on the individual’s overall functioning. This could not only assist in being more able to meet the individual’s needs, but could also  help inform decisions such as school placement, the need for medication, family interventions. 

An emotional assessment will typically look at an individual’s 

  • Internal world and how they feel about themselves
  • Functioning within their family or community 
  • Feelings towards school
  • Social world and peer relationships

If any reason for concern is flagged during the assessment, parents and teachers are then helped in formulating a treatment plan in order to ensure optimal emotional functioning.