What is therapy?

Psychotherapy, or therapy, refers to a form of therapeutic interaction between a psychologist and an individual, child, adolescent, couple, family or group. At its core, psychotherapy targets and treats psychological disorders and mental states which are causing distress or discomfort. Thus, therapy aims to increase one’s sense of well being and promote optimal functioning in daily life.

Due to the varied needs of clients different forms of therapy exist, such as:


Psychologists will often work as part of a multidisciplinary team (such as psychiatrists, doctors, occupational therapists, schools, etc.) in an effort to ensure that clients more receive holistic care. However, because a safe and trusted space is needed for therapeutic and healing, no information about clients will be released or discussed without permission. Thus, regardless of the involvement of other professionals, confidentiality is of utmost importance and will be maintained.

How long will therapy take?

Because therapy is unique to each and every client the time it takes for the therapy to be effective and symptom relief to become apparent differs from person to person. Thus, while some issues can be resolved within a few sessions, others may take months or years in order to come right.

What form does therapy take?

According to both the needs of the client(s), various techniques are employed in the therapeutic process. Thus, the process of therapy will vary slightly from person to person. However, the process will generally involve an initial intake session to ascertain the client(s)’s needs. Following this initial intake session, Kirstan may request an assessment period to assist them in making a decision regarding the number of sessions required and a treatment plan for the client(s).